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Charity Website Idea

Charity Website that someone should start!!

I have an idea for a Charity Website and I don’t have the means to start this in the near future so I thought I’d just put it out there to the approximately 5 people who read my blog regularly. (Hi Mom!!) Continue Reading…

Silly Videos from The Fords

Our recent silly videos.

I swear I might just have the funniest kids ever.

Me and Logan being gangster Avatars. Hahaha I love us 🙂

Angelina trying out our homemade green screen, explaining why she loves Barbie. Future journalist?? Continue Reading…

Most Inspirational Songs for when you’re feeling down

Most Inspirational Songs for when you find yourself in a “funk” and need to be brought back up.

I know that I listen to the nerdiest music ever but I can’t help it, I like the most inspirational songs and I usually find the best material from Disney Channel stars and Contemporary Christian artists. So in case anyone’s looking for some nerdy Songs for when you’re feeling down, here are some good ones.. Continue Reading…

Sporks -Funny Pictures and My Epiphany

I had a huge epiphany about sporks last night while driving.

For some reason I started thinking about sporks and how innovative and efficient they are. 2 utensils in one- how can you go wrong with that? Then I thought, “Well since they’re so great, why don’t people have them as part of their regular silverware? Like, actual metal sporks.” That just seems so logical, you would cut back the amount of silverware you own by almost half!!

So, then I got to my destination and didn’t want to lose my train of thought and didn’t have my Idea Book with me so I made this video to remember my sporks idea and find out if there are others out there like me who would love to throw away all of their spoons and forks forever… Continue Reading…