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My Experience at Marie Forleos Rich Happy and Hot Live !!

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I got back from Marie Forleos Rich Happy and Hot Live and I’m just now writing about it because the spinning in my head that I got from all the amazing speakers has started to slow down a little.

I am so blessed to have been at an event filled with the women that were also attendees. 250 female entrepreneurs from 17 countries and 34 states, all of whom have on line businesses that serve others. These were all women who are changing the world and I feel honored to have been among them and made some really great friendships and connections with them.

Marie gives out a book to take down your notes, along with pieces of paper to write down your $10,000 ideas that will most likely pop into your head while listening and learning. I definitely got a lot of them, I’ve just been sorting through them to figure out which would be the most world-changing and profitable at the same time so that I can implement that first. So now I have another project starting that I’m very excited about and will be announcing in the near future. 🙂

It’s hard for me to even put into words how positively impacting this event was, at the end of each 11-hour day, my head was so full, I could barely make a complete sentence.. I was the epitome of mental exhaustion. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from everyone there and I wanted to share the speakers again and recommend that everyone check them out because they are all world-changing in their own ways.. Continue Reading…