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Update on My Life -It’s Crazy Awesome

Wow.. It’s been quite a while since I posted.. about a month and a half.. holy moly. This is not good for 2 reasons- 1) I use blogging as a form of self expression and it’s very therapeutic for me and 2) Google does not like it when blogs go without updated content and although I’m not trying super hard to get my blog to rank on Google, I also don’t want them to hate me, so no more of going weeks without a post. You can hold me to that 🙂

So now after my long blogging hiatus, the question was “What should I post about?” I decided to throw some pics and info about what it is I actually do with my life and after gathering my most recent pictures from the last 6 weeks (thanks Facebook) I’m starting to think that I might have the most weirdly diversified life ever. Seriously, so random. But Continue Reading…