I truly believe that every single person on this earth has a unique purpose for being here.

Yes, even YOU!

You can find your purpose by taking a good look at the things that you love to do and the things that come naturally to you.


When is your energy at a 10?

When do you feel like you’re using your God-given gifts?

When are you just LIT UP?


THAT is what you need to be doing every day!

..and you need to be making money while you do it.


What I don’t believe is that we are meant to sit in a box every day, doing mundane task after mundane task, for a pre-determined  amount of time, and being of little to no value to the world.


What a waste of extraordinary potential.



Some of my gifts are that I am always able to see the BIG picture.

I can visualize something that doesn’t exist yet and develop a clear plan from A to Z in my mind.



My weaknesses are the details, the repetitive stuff, the really important- but really boring- day to day stuff.

This is why I am a systems fanatic.


I create systems and then I test them.

If they work, I duplicate them.

I automate as much as possible.

I delegate what I can.

I create calendars to stay consistent.


I’ve worked with people in all types of industries but when I team up with other people like me- people who create businesses that change the world- That’s when I light up.

Here’s how I got into this whole Online Marketing thing..

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

In Elementary School, when the other kids were saving their “Bear Bucks” all year to shop at the annual “Going to Town Day”, I was stashing mine and calculating costs in my head. How much do I need to get the premium vendor space right outside of the cafeteria? How many advertising spots could I afford to run during the school’s morning announcements in the weeks leading up to it?

I brought together a dynamite team- my best friend and my mom- and together we started “Creative Crafts”. We spent all of our downtime making anything we could: candles in the shapes of animals, scented soaps, candy wrapped in fancy baggies.. if you could put ribbon or glitter on it, I would find a way to sell it.

That entrepreneurial desire never faded and at 13, after reading way too many Baby Sitters Club books (all of them), I decided to duplicate their business model, took a babysitting and CPR course and started hustling any parents I knew to hire me to watch their kids.

My dream growing up was to own a high end hair salon in Las Vegas.

That dream vanished quickly when I became pregnant at 17.

I switched course and registered for a 6 month, 40 hr per week Esthetic program.

I opened “Las Vegas Skin Studio” when I was 23. It was my baby.


I loved my little business.

I poured any extra dollars and minutes of the day I could into fine tuning it.

This is when I learned about systems. I read the life-changing book “The E-Myth Revisited” and did a 20 minute in-depth video review on it. I put together a complete operations manual with the plan to franchise.


Things quickly shifted for me again, though, when I began learning how to market my business online.

I was inspired by the power that the internet had and excited about the possibility of being able to work from my computer, while being able to stay home with my kids.

I closed my skin care business down and dove deep into learning everything I could about online marketing.

I freelanced for a while doing anything from Web Design to Copywriting to SEO to Social Media management to Video production. I worked with Individuals, Start ups, Non profits and Huge Brands while I figured out what I really wanted to do.

Sometimes you get an idea and your body just gets flooded with every emotion possible all at once: excitement, fear, nervousness, hope..

I knew these feelings to be side effects of intuition and this is what I felt the instant I thought of Young Moms Club.

My team and I have been able to grow a community of 20,000+ young mothers which expands all over the world.

Of all the ways to connect and market online, my favorite is video. I film a weekly YouTube show for Young Moms Club called “Figure it out Friday” as well as other video programs.


I was getting bombarded with questions about video, marketing and social media so I started offering strategy sessions. Click here to book a Strategy Session or Pick my Brain.


I offer programs and courses that teach DIY video marketing where I walk people through the Video Creation and Marketing process. I’ll be accepting applications into my signature program soon. 


-Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV.

-Very spiritual but not at all religious.

-First speech I ever gave was a TedxWomen Talk.

-Have a mustache tattoo on my finger. Seriously.

-Love working out but HATE running.

-Play in the World Series of Poker every year.

-Cub Scout leader. No idea what I’m doing.

-Would rather talk about ideas than party.

-Love the sun. Would live in a bikini if I could.

-Green juicing and coconut oil changed my life.

-Board Games are my favorite. Will win at Clue. I have a system.

-Love making funny videos with my kids.

-Obsessed with my dog.


Professional Bio

Danielle Ford, a Las Vegas native, is a Creative Marketing Strategist and Thought Leader. She was recently named a “2015 Woman to Watch” honoree by Vegas Inc. magazine. She helps world-changing individuals and companies to create marketing funnels and expand their influence online.

Danielle’s passion is helping teen mothers better their lives and the lives of their children. She founded YoungMomsClub.com as a resource for young moms to learn valuable life skills that they often times miss out on while they’re only focused on raising a baby. You can hear more about Danielle’s mission in her TEDXWomen talk “Re inventing teen motherhood”.