A Christmas Story (of the FORD Kind)

Here is our Ford Christmas-gram! The kids and I spent Christmas Eve making it. Now they want to start a regular monthly video.. I'm considering it.  :)...

Linchpin by Seth Godin Book Review

Then he asks, "Have you ever done that? Have you ever found a way to make things work that wasn't working before? Ever seen a shortcut...

I appreciate everything that you do.

Every time I get an email from Danielle Ford, I open it, I read it, I study it, I incorporate it and I try to take that message and use it in my stuff because it’s so on point. I stand on the shoulders of giants and one of the shoulders I stand on is Miss Danielle Ford’s. Danielle, from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of my bank account, I appreciate everything that you do.

Frank Salas,

The Value of Beauty [Video]

For some reason though, it was really weighing on my heart to give a speech around a different topic. One that when I really thought about...

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