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30 Lessons Learned in 30 Years

On the Eve of turning 30, I wrote some life lessons learned so far. Enjoy…

#1: Gluten is the devil.

#2: Choose your friends using the same standards that you would use when selecting a boyfriend.

#3: Kids were put on this earth to teach patience.

#4: Ask for everything you want. No one else will ask for you.

#5: Dogs are the best form of therapy.

#6: Learn to identify the little things from the big things and treat them accordingly.

#7: Collaboration > Competition

#8: There is always someone you can inspire right now.

#9: Having a boss sucks and the standard 9-5 work schedule is ridiculous.

#10: Love is a verb, not a noun. You can’t BE in love. You can only DECIDE to love.

#11 Humans weren’t meant to stay in one place. Must travel.

#12: Ask for forgiveness rather than permission. You’ll rarely get permission.

#13: Depression exists when you aren’t pursuing your true calling.

#14: Green juice is Jesus.

#15: Grandparents > Parents

#16: Love can be hard but it shouldn’t hurt.

#17: Have strong opinions. Share them frequently and with class.

#18: Everyone has a natural skill or talent they could monetize.

#19: The person with the best attitude and most grit will out-win the ones with more smarts, looks and talent.

#20: Don’t present a problem unless you can also provide a solution.

#21: Freedom is truly not caring what anyone thinks.

#22: You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

#23: Nobody was born knowing how to do anything. If lack of knowledge is stopping you from moving forward, then go f*cking figure it out.

#24: Good people want good things for other people. If you see someone get joy from someone else’s misfortune, question everything about them immediately.

#25: Like attracts like. Look at the people closest to you. They’re your mirror.

#26: Apple Cider Vinegar is both the Devil and Jesus.

#27: People like people who like them.

#28: Read lots of books but be objective. Just because someone is an author doesn’t mean they’re smarter than a fifth grader.

#29: The key to success is winning lots of mini battles against resistance.

#30: Avoid the media like it’s your ex husband. Don’t listen to its’ bullsh*t and DO NOT LET IT IN YOUR HOUSE!


women to watch las vegas-speaker-danielle-ford

Vegas Inc.’s 2015 Women to Watch

I was so honored when I got the call that I had been selected as one of Vegas Inc. magazine’s 2015 Women to Watch.

I had a short phone interview where I mostly discussed why I started Young Moms Club and what plans I had for the future of the organization. We spoke a little about, too.

danielle ford young moms clubI was excited for the article to come out but when it did, my excitement shifted to intimidation for a minute when I learned about the 9 other women who were also receiving the award. They were AMAZING. I got my intimidation in check and quickly got back to excited.. 🙂

I knew that I had to give a speech and I had a really tough time writing it. I have no problem giving inspiring and motivational talks but it’s way different when you have to just talk about yourself.

I had something prepared but after going over it with a girlfriend right before the event, she reminded me that the audience was full of successful people and I was the youngest one in the room and no one there really needed to hear the bad ass, motivational speech I had planned.

I was the 5th honoree to speak and while the 3rd speaker was talking, my mom leaned over and said, Danielle! Are you seriously writing your speech RIGHT NOW? Yes, yes I was. You couldn’t really call it a speech, though, it looked more like a play book for a football game. It was just notes from my head with arrows pointing in the order I should say it.

They called my name and I took the stage. Here’s the talk I gave.. (please excuse the umms. I always umm if I’m not memorized)

Here are some pics from the Vegas Inc. 2015 Women to Watch event.


danielle ford kids family

I was happy to have my kids and beautiful sister there



kiss my honey las vegas

Angelina got the royal treatment by sponsor, Kiss my Honey



women to watch danielle ford

Accepting my Women to Watch award



vegas inc magazine event

My little Ford Family

Thank you again to Vegas Inc for the great honor of being one of the 2105 Women to Watch!


ice bucket challenge

Me and my minis doing the Ice Bucket Challenge

I jumped on the band wagon for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I wasn’t going to participate first but I decided to and I explain why in the video.

I also think Angelina’s part should count as an Ice Bucket Fail 🙂

..this was much colder than I expected.

public speaking danielle ford

I’m in a Documentary about Public Speaking!

public speaking danielle ford

About a year ago, I was interviewed by the producers of the popular public speaking documentary “Speak”.

They were putting together another documentary that was aimed towards high school students.

Well, it finally came out and is being used as a tool for teachers to use in high schools.

Here’s a clip from my segment in the movie.

If you want to watch my full TEDxWomen talk, here ya go 🙂