B School totally Changed my Life.. sounds cliche’ but it’s true

I would definitely suggest B-school for any entrepreneurs!

May 2012:

I haven’t been posting very frequently in the last few weeks but I swear I had a very good excuse; I’ve been studying my butt off and learning so many brand new tips and tricks in B-school which is a program created by Marie Forleo and is designed to teach marketing and help them Create Online Businesses that Change the World! (So you KNOW that’s right up my alley!)

I’m finally into the last module of the course and am SOO EXCITED for next week which is “Implementation Week” where I’m bringing everything together that I’ve gained from the course and finally launching the new, revised and fully functioning site, YoungMomsClub.com. Can’t frickin’ wait!

I would honestly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning how to have a business online. The thousands of successful entrepreneurs in the community is super valuable in itself. Everyone helps each other.

I went to Rich, Happy and Hot Live 2011 last October where I met a lot of prior “B School Babes” and after seeing what they were doing in the world, that was enough proof for me that I needed to be a part this.

I barely had an idea of what I wanted to create; Young Moms Club was just a wish and had no actually plan and here I was hanging out with these super impressive women who were Speakers and Authors and they were trying to figure out how to take their 6 figure businesses to 7 figures.. meanwhile I was wondering how I was going to pay my rent next month.

God, I’m so glad I joined.

This image that Denise Duffield-Thomas created explains B-school pretty well, I think!

The course covers pretty much everything you need to know about making money online, while doing what you love.

It covers: Creating Profit Plans, finding your Target Market, Building Websites, Developing Web Copy, Communication Techniques, Strategic Offerings, Tons of Bonuses and weekly live group phone calls with Marie Forleo.

B School is only offered once a year, so if it’s something you want to do, I urge you to get on this list so you can be notified when registration opens again.

Woo hoo! One more week left! Let the World- Changing commence!!

February 2014:

This post^ was written over a year ago and I’ve since seen tons of success with YoungMomsClub.com and have even started a 2nd business, Social Lights Video,  where I help online entrepreneurs make their own videos!

I am even an official TEDxWomen speaker! (And it was my first speech I ever gave..)

So many opportunities have opened up for me since joining B school and sticking to the course.

Last time B School came around I had 3 friends join on my recommendation. That’s how much I avidly rave about it (like this blog post I wrote 2 years ago, for example).

Well, this year, I’m stoked to be able to say that I am an official affiliate for B School which means that I receive a commission every time someone signs up from clicking on my link.

So as a Thank you to anyone who signs up through me, I am offering almost $700 worth of Free videos services where I’ll either personally create your business videos for you or teach you how to do it yourself, whichever you prefer. I’m serious.

Here are more details on these special video promotions I’m offering.

Learn more about B-school.

February 2015:

I am still on cloud 9 about the fact that this past week I was honored as a “2015 Woman to Watch” by Vegas Inc. magazine.

They published an article about me and the 9 other “Women to Watch” and there was a snazzy event where I had to give a speech.

This past year, Young Moms Club has been expanding and is reaching all ends of the globe. I am almost finished with my first book and will be publishing this Summer.

It’s so crazy to think that the qualities and milestones that I was admiring in B-schoolers just a few years ago, are all showing up in me now. It’s so true that you become like the people you hang out with.. and I’ve been hanging out with the best. B-schoolers rock.

So, I am excited to announce that I am once again a B-school partner!

Last year, I offered my DIY Video Training program for Free (which I sell for $597) or the option of personally having me make some videos for anyone who joined B School through me. This year, I am still giving away my DIY Video Training but I will not be making videos because I will be SUPER FOCUSED ON GOING THROUGH B SCHOOL AGAIN!!

Yup.. I always go through the course here and there to refresh (life time access is included) but this year is the first year in a lonnngg time that B-school is completely brand new!

I seriously can’t wait.

On top of getting my signature video course free, I’m also going to personally go through the program with anyone who joins B School through me. It’ll be like an 8-week long coaching/masterminding session.

We can bounce ideas off each other.. Hold each other accountable to get the work done.. I can help clarify anything that you’re getting stuck on. I’m pretty techy and that’s what most people have the hardest time with.

My strengths are coming up with original and creative ideas and then systemizing everything to ensure re-occuring results. I love me a good marketing system.

You can check out all the paid services I offer here.. You’d pretty much be getting all that for free + an entire video training course.

Here are the full details of “The DIY SocialLight” and the personal coaching.

If you’re thinking about joining B-school this year, then enter your email so I can keep you updated and we can work together!


If you’re ready to purchase B-school, make sure you use my link (by clicking here) so that I can get credit and give you all my nifty bonuses!

Feel free to send me any questions you have. <3 Danielle


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