Pros of Legalizing Weed

Pros of Legalizing Weed- Stimulate the Economy, Protect Children, Save Money..

I’ve always been in support of making marijuana legal because of the boost that the sales taxes from it would give our economy. I personally am not a fan of marijuana, I just don’t like it.. but I see it pretty much the same as alcohol. I think it should be allowed for adults and illegal to drive under the influence. I came across this video of Retired Superior Court Judge James P. Gray giving even more pros of legalizing weed.

First of all, making it legal does not mean condoning it. There are almost a Million arrests for marijuana in the US a year. And tens to hundreds of thousands of people in prison for marijuana. Usually what happens is they were on parole (probably from a drug offense) and didn’t commit a huge crime but failed another drug test for marijuana. Now they’re not able to get work, contribute to society or support their families. They’re now living in prisons on taxpayers’ money. (Again I’m not saying I endorse smoking weed all the time but imagine life if we were just to lock up all the alcoholics, that’s pretty much what we’re doing). Police officers and judges are spending so much time searching for and prosecuting marijuana that they’re not spending enough time dealing with rape, burglary, murder, etc..

Think about all the craziness in Mexico where we get most of the marijuana from. The cartels aren’t just going to stop one day, out of the goodness of their hearts or because we said so. The ONLY way to put Mexican cartels out of business is to under cut the price. We have to make it illegal so that there isn’t a huge profit margin for these people to make money.

Protecting our children from gangs and prison are some pros of legalizing weed..

Marijuana laws are putting kids in harm’s way. We’re trying to reduce the exposure of marijuana to minors by outlawing it, but it actually does the opposite. It’s easier for kids/teenagers to get marijuana than it is to get alcohol. Seriously. Illegal dealers do not ask for ID and adult drug dealers recruit children into the distribution system. They hire kids as lookouts, to make deliveries and then they become dealers, who then go sell to kids their same ages. Then these kids get in trouble, they go to prison and they become hardened criminals. It’s just a crazy cycle that could be easily stopped.

In short: Marijuana needs to be legal. It needs to be regulated and controlled. There are so many pros of legalizing weed. It would fix so many problems. Please tell me why the hell isn’t it happening?

pros of legalizing weed

Pros of Legalizing Weed

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