I’m going to start taking cyanide poison everyday!

Seriously. I’m going to. And I’m not trying to kill myself. Quite the opposite, in fact. Allow me to explain..

I 100% believe that there is a known cure for cancer. BUT if cancer were to fully be cured, it would cripple our economy way, way more than it already is. Cancer is a $120 BILLION a year industry, just in the United States alone. Think about how many doctors, specialized chemo and radiation treatment centers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, charities, etc, would be out of business if cancer were to be cured.

I first learned about the corruption of the FDA and FTC in the book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know about. I was very disturbed and studied further, which got me into green juicing every day.

A couple days ago I watched the video below, which is a documentary made in 1974 narrated by G. Edward Griffin, the author of World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17. The book claims that there IS a cure for cancer and that it is as simple as an apricot seed. Apricot seeds are rich in Vitamin B17 aka Laetrile.

I read up on Laetrile and although the FDA has made this supplement illegal for doctors to recommend and difficult to obtain, other countries are actively using it as a treatment for cancer.

The argument against apricot seeds being ingested is that they are made of 2 molecules of glucose, 1 molecule of benzaldehyde and 1 molecule of hydrogen cyanide. Yes, I said cyanide POISON. It is, however, only when the laetrile compound comes across a cancer cell that the cyanide is able to kill it.

So yeah.. I’m going to start eating cyanide filled apricot seeds everyday. I guess we’ll see how that goes.

And before anyone starts to debate me about ingesting cyanide poison regularly, please watch the video below. At least the first 15 minutes.

Oh yeah.. and while looking for keywords in Google, I became a little concerned about the number of monthly searches for cyanide poison, which I am in no way endorsing.. except as it applies to me through apricot seeds.


Cyanide poison -A great cure for Cancer