The Little Things AKA “My Pet Pleezes”

For the last week or so I’ve been compiling a list of pet peeves of mine. Every time something little annoyed me, I made note of it in my phone. I actually had a pretty substantial list but as I went to type it out into what I thought would be a funny blog post, I realized that every negative thing I was about to put out into the world through this post was probably just going to come back to me because that’s how The Law of Attraction works. So instead, I decided to create a list of the little things that happen to me, that are often overlooked, that are the opposite of Pet Peeves. I named them “Pet Pleezes”. And they are as follows…

  • Finding money in places I didn’t expect
  • The way laundry feels right out of the dryer
  • When a cashier opens a new line for me at the grocery store
  • When people slow down to let me merge over
  • Finding a coupon or promo code for something I was already going to buy
  • When someone gives me a compliment on a day I look like crap
  • Winning raffles
  • When I pick up the phone to call someone and then they call me

These are just off the top of my head so I’m sure I’ll be adding way more to this list because there are so many opportunities to find good in the little things.. what a shame that we overlook them.

the little things

What are the little things that are YOUR pet pleezes??

The Little Things AKA “My Pet Pleezes”

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