Here are the tools I use for my online business that I couldn’t survive without. I’m an affiliate for some of these which means I make a commission when someone buys through my link but I only promote things I absolutely love and use myself.

Rockstar software for up-leveling:

Click Funnels

I am so obsessed with ClickFunnels, it’s not even funny. This page used to list a pricey email management system I was using, high-end webinar software, affiliate software, landing page software and shopping carts. ClickFunnels does all of that and it’s way more affordable than buying everything separately and it’s ridiculously easy to use. I also love that they offer a 14 Day Free Trial with no strings attached and they provide amazing on-the-spot tech support, even if you’re just taking it for a test drive.


The most important thing regardless of what industry you’re in is growing your email list. I didn’t use a powerful email collection system┬ámy first 2 years in business and it’s the biggest thing I did wrong. Your money is in your email list and if you don’t need all the features that ClickFunnels offers, LeadPages is a great 2nd option. Watch the video on this page to learn more.


The basic necessities for starting an online business.


This is the best place to buy domains aka ‘URLS” aka Websites. On some other platforms, you don’t actually own your domain, with NameCheap you do and it’s, you guessed it, the cheapest.


After you’ve purchased a domain, you need to host it somewhere. It costs a few bucks a month for someone to use their storage space to host your website and my favorite is BlueHost.


Aweber is always my recommendation for someone starting out and wanting to build their email lists. It’s free for the first month, and then you pay based on how many subscribers you have thereafter. I love the easy to use drag-and-drop email template builder and the “rules” feature, which automatically performs pre-configured tasks like adding an email to a new list of buyers after they purchase a product. Try Aweber for 30 days free here.


I use Acuity for scheduling clients because it is so dang easy. It allows them to choose what service they’d like, view my availability, book their appointment and make the appointment. It also hosts intake forms and client agreements and then sends out reminders of the appointment to both of us. It’s easy to set up and you can try it for free here.

Canva & Pic Monkey

In the past, it’s been extremely difficult and expensive to make professional images for your website. Luckily sites like Canva and Pic Monkey came along and made it super easy to whip up images for your website, social media, newsletters, fliers, etc. They’re both totally free with the option of paying for unique images and features.


Once you have a website and beautiful images, you need to disperse your content throughout social media which can take FOREVER. I love Hootsuite for it’s ability to schedule posts in advance for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Video Equipment I use and Recommend