On the Eve of turning 30, I wrote some life lessons learned so far. Enjoy…

#1: Gluten is the devil.

#2: Choose your friends using the same standards that you would use when selecting a boyfriend.

#3: Kids were put on this earth to teach patience.

#4: Ask for everything you want. No one else will ask for you.

#5: Dogs are the best form of therapy.

#6: Learn to identify the little things from the big things and treat them accordingly.

#7: Collaboration > Competition

#8: There is always someone you can inspire right now.

#9: Having a boss sucks and the standard 9-5 work schedule is ridiculous.

#10: Love is a verb, not a noun. You can’t BE in love. You can only DECIDE to love.

#11 Humans weren’t meant to stay in one place. Must travel.

#12: Ask for forgiveness rather than permission. You’ll rarely get permission.

#13: Depression exists when you aren’t pursuing your true calling.

#14: Green juice is Jesus.

#15: Grandparents > Parents

#16: Love can be hard but it shouldn’t hurt.

#17: Have strong opinions. Share them frequently and with class.

#18: Everyone has a natural skill or talent they could monetize.

#19: The person with the best attitude and most grit will out-win the ones with more smarts, looks and talent.

#20: Don’t present a problem unless you can also provide a solution.

#21: Freedom is truly not caring what anyone thinks.

#22: You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

#23: Nobody was born knowing how to do anything. If lack of knowledge is stopping you from moving forward, then go f*cking figure it out.

#24: Good people want good things for other people. If you see someone get joy from someone else’s misfortune, question everything about them immediately.

#25: Like attracts like. Look at the people closest to you. They’re your mirror.

#26: Apple Cider Vinegar is both the Devil and Jesus.

#27: People like people who like them.

#28: Read lots of books but be objective. Just because someone is an author doesn’t mean they’re smarter than a fifth grader.

#29: The key to success is winning lots of mini battles against resistance.

#30: Avoid the media like it’s your ex husband. Don’t listen to its’ bullsh*t and DO NOT LET IT IN YOUR HOUSE!