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4 Apps to Make Videos for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

We all know the importance of having well-produced, strategic marketing videos, right?

Whether you’re using Youtube videos to attract local clients who haven’t heard of you yet…

Or you have a video that shows the inner workings of your company…

Or you use video throughout your sales funnel to ask for the sale… these videos need to be well thought-out and impressive to the viewer because they directly reflect you brand.

That’s where Scripting, Lighting, Ranking for Google, Editing, Marketing, etc comes in.

There is 1 big problem with being really focused on creating amazing videos to build your email list and spice up your website…

It’s that you could be missing out on opportunities to be creating new and unique visual content that engages your customers and potential customers.

Having quality videos is a must. But having a large quantity of videos is also a must. It’s a must-er.

All videos are not created equal. If you went through my free video marketing training, then you know the 5 kinds of videos you need and where they should be placed to convert browsers to leads and leads to customers. And after that point, your leads and customers should be following you on social media.

Using video on social media helps to strengthen your brand by allowing your followers to see the real you (or your company) and more frequently. Your followers really start to know, like and trust you (as they should) and of course customers prefer to buy from people they know, like and trust.

Here are the apps I’ve been using to create quick and easy videos with my iPhone: [az_divider_sh div_type=”normal” margin_top_value=”20″ margin_bottom_value=”20″ class=””]


Hear me out on this one. You probably think that Dubsmash is an annoying, trendy, borderline narcissistic, complete waste of time and that mostly hipsters use. Well, you’re completely right. But besides that, it’s really fun and completely addicting and a great way to be seen by your audience.

It’s also a good opportunity for you just to put yourself out there. If being on video is a fear of yours, just start; 1 silly, 5 second clip at a time. -Click to Tweet this out.

I’ll admit I went a little nuts with Dubsmash, even bringing in costumes, filming on location at Mc Donald’s drive-thru and filming next to my sleeping fiance. There were too many clips to link so I edited them all together into this dubsmash compilation video.

 [az_divider_sh div_type=”normal” margin_top_value=”20″ margin_bottom_value=”20″ class=””]


iMovie on Mac is my editing software of choice. It can create 100% professional videos with embedded logos, snazzy intros and customizable blooper reel outros, fully functioning lighting and audio editing capabilities, green screen editing, adding text in the same style as your brand to the videos and lots more. It’s a very powerful tool for being an included, free application.

The iMovie app doesn’t disappoint either. While it doesn’t pack all the power the desktop version does, it can generate a nice looking video to be proud of.

Note: a few things that separate an amateur video from a polished one are:

1) Fumbling with the camera at the beginning and the end. Those pieces should be edited out.

2) Long pauses/forgetting what you were gonna say. I don’t suggest scripting videos that you make just to share on social media but when you completely space out, instead of talking in circles or publishing because you don’t want to redo the whole thing over, just stop for a second and resume speaking and then edit out the middle part in the iMovie app.

3) Not having a clear Call to Action. If you’re going to go through all the work of making a video, even if it is just quickly on your phone, you might as well take the extra small step to tell your viewers what they should do next. You can ask them to visit your site, join your list, hire you, etc. Or you can add an image at the end of your video, with your website url.

I shot a video on my iPhone and edited it in the iMovie app the other day while I was sitting in a Starbucks parking lot. This is the first time I’ve used the same video for 2 separate audiences but it was personal and the message applied to both so I thought, “Why not?” The only difference is at the end of this video, I put a pink background and a CTA and in this video, I used a blue background and a different Call to Action. [az_divider_sh div_type=”normal” margin_top_value=”20″ margin_bottom_value=”20″ class=””]


I found this app while browsing, I haven’t seen anyone use it, that I noticed. I’m not sure if I’m using it right but when I saw it, I immediately thought of how popular quote pictures are and that I could just create a super short quote video and add a CTA.

How it works: You start with one photo, then you choose a filter. You set a desired length (max of 15 seconds since it’s meant for Instagram). Then you can add any music from their library or you can use your own music. Next you add as many lines of text as you’d like, adjusting the timing of when you want it to appear and fade out. Here’s an example of one that I made, just using a yellow background as the image. [az_divider_sh div_type=”normal” margin_top_value=”20″ margin_bottom_value=”20″ class=””]


Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming platform..

You can broadcast live inside of the app and your viewers can send comments to you through a chat box directly. It’s a fantastic way to cut your teeth with video, knowing that the broadcast will expire in 24 hours. The fact that your audience can interact with you in real-time, rather than in a delayed comments area is huge for your know-like-and-trust factor, and the integration with Twitter’s hashtag search engine makes Periscope a very powerful tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses to get in front of their target markets.

To start using Periscope to build your business, join my free 5 day Periscope Challenge where I’ll walk you through your first 10 scopes.  [az_divider_sh div_type=”normal” margin_top_value=”20″ margin_bottom_value=”20″ class=””]

Do you have any apps that you love to make videos with? Share the knowledge wealth in the comments please!!

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