Millions of people are making money with the Amazon Affiliate program each year.

The Amazon Affiliate program differs from other types of online marketing because you don’t have to purchase anything to start. You’re not actually your own business but you are referring things that you love and then making a commission on it.

And the awesome thing about Amazon (where everybody shops from) is that they have an open-to-anyone associate program. Associate is their word for affiliate.

You don’t even need to have a business to join the amazon affiliate program. Watch this video and I’ll show you exactly what to do.

I’m Danielle Ford and I help to turn closet geniuses into industry leaders by getting them more visibility. I’m going to show you how to become an Amazon associate and how to spread your links across the interwebs.

When you share your Amazon links and someone purchases, you get in between 4% and 15% commission, depending on how many sales you made that month.

Here’s how to join the Amazon Affiliate program, it’s super easy…

Type in Amazon associate into Google. It’s going to direct you right over here to the amazon affiliate program.

You click that and you create an account. I already have an account so I’m going to log in.

After you have an account, you just have to go to the Amazon site at any point in time and you’re able to get a link for something.

This is amazing if you have a business because people ask you your favorite whatever, related to your industry, you know? I get asked all the time for video equipment recommendations. If you’re a health professional, you probably get asked for yoga mats and weights and things like that.

Perhaps you are into tech, people are going to ask you what the coolest tech stuff is. I always try to find the lowest prices here on Amazon and then I send them my Amazon link.

The cool thing about this is that when you send somebody a link, even if they put it in their cart and save it for later it will still count.

When they click on your link and they buy something else or they buy a ton of other stuff, you’re gonna get a commission for that stuff, too.

Maybe somebody wants to buy a super amazingly nice camera, and I’m like “Ok awesome, here’s this Canon”. I can either get the text which is what I usually do. This is the short link.

All I have to do is send them here. You can get the image for it, if you’re going to put it into your blog, you would take that code, copy and paste this code and put it straight into your blog post.

When publishing a blog post about “Top 5 Types of Cameras” or whatever it is, these are awesome to throw into your blogs. It looks just like a little ad. When they click on it, then you’ll be getting a commission for this and anything else they purchase.

It’s super cool, right? I like to grab this text and then use a short code all the time.

You can promote the Amazon Affiliate program across many channels:

I put my Amazon links in youtube videos in the description. They go into my tweets. Sometimes I livestream and I’ll give the url to it. If any friends ask me for a recommendation or where I got something, I send them my Amazon link.

It can be used in blogs. I use it on snapchat. You can just take this exact code and type it on to your snapchat to show a product that you have and use. You could take this code and turn it into a so it’s easier to type in for somebody.

There are a lot of options but the easiest way to start making money online is with the Amazon affiliate program. You literally don’t have to do anything except for share products that you already use and love.

I always suggest to only promote products that you would recommend to your mom or best friend. Even if you’re getting a commission for it. Your reputation is on the line and you wanna be helping people out, not scamming them for money, ya know?

Alright so that’s how easy it is to join the amazon affiliate program and sell any products you can think of.

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