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Here’s what Crushing the Dreams of 7th Graders has to do with Marketing

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I spent my Mother’s Day weekend sketching, designing, cutting and pasting. Now I have excruciating paper cuts on both thumbs and I’m pretty sure my hair will never be completely free of Elmer’s glue.

But those are sacrifices I’m willing to make if it means my daughter wins the 7th grade election by destroying the dreams of all the kids who dare to run against her.

Hey, that’s politics.

The campaign criteria was: 5 unique posters, 15 matching flyers and an optional video.

Wait, what???

“Optional” video? Nope. Nope. Nope.

I used this as an opportunity to explain to her why video was NOT an option.

I began explaining the entire process a potential voter goes through and I started laughing at how much it paralleled the process a potential buyer goes through.

Here’s what I told her:

First you have to grab their attention. To do this, you have to figure out what will appeal to 7th graders…

Then you need creative ideas so that your posters and flyers stand out amongst everyone else’s…

You also want to deliver value. So don’t just do something crazy to get attention. Create something cool to look at or something that will make them laugh…

Next, you need to keep their attention. So let’s think of a flyer idea that requires them to participate…

And finally, you have to drive it home with video…

By now your marketing has gathered attention. You’ve provided value and they like you. Now your video will ensure that they know who you are…

And they will trust you when they hear your message straight from your mouth…

That’s called the ‘Know, like, and trust factor.’

I bet at least half of the candidates will not put in the effort to make a video at all so you already have an advantage there…

And we will use a tripod to steady the camera and do some editing which will impress the pants off those 7th graders…

All of those things together is a solid campaign marketing strategy.”

Can you see how that is literally exactly the same way that marketing works for us business owners???

I recently gave a keynote about this exact same thing to the Las Vegas chapter of the “National Association of Women Business Owners”… but I used more “grown up” examples 🙂

You can watch my talk called Video Marketing: The Secret Sauce to Online Leads and Sales here

This video is jam-packed with content so if you’re on a time-crunch, here’s a breakdown of what I covered so you can jump to whichever topics peak your interest…

1:20- How I used video to grow my skin care business 10 years ago

4:30- How to Increase Opt-in Conversions with Video

6:30- Which content goes Before & After the Funnel

10:20- Using Social Media to build Relationships and Trust

13:40- The 3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes

20:05- Why YouTube is Making all of our Moms Sad

21:00- 4 YouTube Top Tips

>> Watch the video here <<

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