This is a PSA about dealing with failure as an entrepreneur.

The road of entrepreneurship can be a bumpy one to say the least and dealing with failure is a skill that you’re gonna have to master.

When you don’t have a boss telling you what to do, making decisions, and figuring out things for you, you’re left with yourself to figure things out. When things go right, you feel like a super hero, like a bad ass. But when things go wrong, you can start to feel like a big huge stupid failure.

I have been on the failure side so many times that I’ve even perfected it into a simple to follow 8-step process.

Watch the video below for real-life examples of each step.

  1. First you want to deny it, deny the failure completely.
  2. Next comes acceptance. Accept that it was a complete and utter failure.
  3. Then you want to repeatedly bang your head on your desk.
  4. And then immediately after that, you’re gonna wanna eat your feelings. (Preferably with some form of chocolate.)eating chocolate entrepreneur danielle ford
  5. The next step is to verbally declare that you’re quitting. You don’t even have to know what you’re quitting, just declare that you’re quitting.
  6. Next you want to perform a relaxing technique of PFS. PFS is short for “Puppy, Fetal position, Self-loathing”.
  7. Then you’re gonna wanna find the silver lining or the lesson that every failure has. (There’s always one!)
  8. And finally, because you are a bad ass, you’re gonna get your ass back to work and you’re gonna figure it out for next time.

So there ya have it! That is my simple 8 step process for dealing with failure as an entrepreneur.

Are you also a master at dealing with failure? Do you have a similar routine? Do you have any tips to add? Put them in the comments!

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