Whoa whoa whoa whoa are you looking into doing Facebook advertising? Well, stop and beep, beep, beep… back the truck up, because there is one extremely important thing that you have to do before running a Facebook ad.

Facebook Advertising – [Video Transcript]

Watch this video before you even start a Facebook ad at all because first I’m gonna explain to you what it is so that it makes sense and then I’m gonna walk you though this one super simple easy thing to make sure that you are saving money and reaching the right people with your ads.

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Nowadays everybody and their brother wants to do Facebook advertising. And they should because it’s the easiest and most effective way to get in front of your ideal clients and customers.

Here’s what most people do. Tell me if you’ve done this, put it in the comments. I think we’ve all been guilty of it. They write a post on Facebook and click publish and then they see the little the “Boost” button to boost their post to the people who have liked their page, for at least 5 dollars.

But if you’re just doing that, you’re 1, wasting money and 2 missing out on the most valuable people who should be seeing your ads. Those people are the people who have already visited your website or checked out your funnel.

Think about it, they’ve already visited to your website through a traffic source. Maybe they clicked a link on a link in your youtube video. Maybe they saw a blog post in google or a friend told them about your site and they physically typed it in.

These are the people who you need to be “retargeting”. I feel like Dr. Evil right now. The lasers. They are your warm audience. They’re a step closer to entering their email or buying your intro offer or hiring you than any of the random people who have liked your Facebook page are.

And this is the beauty of Facebook Advertising. It’s the ability to install your Facebook pixel inside of your website and inside of your funnels.

I know that this seems like advanced stuff or something that you could do later when you’re ready to run a full Facebook advertising campaign but that’s back-asswards.

ass backwards

You want to stop, drop and insert your Facebook pixel any where you are sending traffic because what happens is Facebook will start collecting everybody who has visited your pages and start adding them into a custom audience in your Facebook ads account.

Then when that audience is large enough, you can choose to run Facebook ads to anybody who has visited your website visitors or only people who got your freebie or only people who purchased one thing but didn’t purchase another thing. And it costs way less to send ads to your own audience than a bunch of randoms.

So I’m going to jump on my computer and show you how easy it is to get your Facebook pixel and to add it to your website and funnels. Let’s go.

To find your Facebook pixel, first you go into your ads manager and then you go to search and you type in pixels.

facebook advertising pixels

Then you go up here and you click view pixel. And you’re going to copy this entire huge humongous code and this is what we’re going to install on your website.

facebook pixel code

To add the pixel to your WordPress, there is a plugin called PixelYourSite and you just enter your pixel id. You can also take your pixel and add it into the header of each page. And if you use landing page or funnel software then you add that pixel in to the header.

I use click funnels and this is where I put my pixel and then it applies it to each page and tracks all visitors in my Facebook advertising account.


See how easy that was?? I know this seems kind of crazy and kind of techy and it kind of is. But you don’t have to worry about it right now, especially if you haven’t began advertising or you’re just getting started. Just make sure that Facebook pixel is there.

And if you want more Facebook advertising information, I’ve put links in the description below. Here’s a free Facebook ads web class
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