Facebook chatbots are SO HOT RIGHT NOW…

5 Ways to use Facebook Chatbots for Business [Video Transcript]

Hello there friends! Welcome to this LIVE Facebook broadcast. I wanted to take a few minutes to discuss Facebook chatbots. You may have been hearing about them because all the marketers are pretty much losing their shit over Facebook chatbots but a lot of small business owners don’t necessarily know what they are. So what I want to do right now is break down exactly what this really cool technology is and how a small business owner or a solopreneur or a do-it-yourselfer could apply this to their business.

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I have been balls deep in Facebook chatbots for the past few days. I’m obsessed with them I haven’t been that excited about anything like this probably since I discovered periscope so I’ve been trying every single way of using Facebook chatbots and I now have my favorites but there are a lot of options for you to: Obtain customers, create relationship with customers, and most importantly get them into your business, picking up the phone, or making a sale.

The first thing I want to make really clear about Facebook chatbots is that you want to be as specific with them as possible. So I personally have listed here in the description 5 different ways that I have been using them and the offer that I am giving is a pretty generic I really wouldn’t suggest doing something like that I would suggest keeping it really specific and then using that content to target the right person for that thing.

So if you guys look at the description as I go through one through five, if you want to see an example of mine that’s the link to it.

So that’s where you can see a real time example of what I’m doing with my bots. I am not going into the technical part of this of how to set everything up perhaps I’ll do a video about that later but I did include a video from Owen video on YouTube where I learned how to set up my first chatbot. So if you guys are like “oh my gosh this is so amazing I need to set this up immediately!” I encourage you to go watch that YouTube video to learn how and if you have any more questions about facebook chatbots or how you can have them for your business, I’m considering adding a service on so go ahead and shoot me a message if this is something that you want set up for you and you’re not a Do-it-yourself techy type of person.

The first one, number one if you look right there you’ll see that it just links directly to http://danielleford.com/ and that’s because the first one is your website. A  Facebook bot is going to get somebody from all these five different ways into your inbox for your business Facebook page.

Once you have that person in your inbox that’s when you can create a conversation with them and most importantly you can create an automated and customized conversation based on their needs, their wants, and where they are.

Just to give you a little bit of insight, or ideas one of the industries that I always think about that this would be really good to use for would be like the Beauty Industry. They have different types of problems. The customers go to beauty professionals. They might need their haircut, get their nails done, or a facial.

So, if you had a way to get into somebody’s inbox, and then asking them did you want to book a hair appointment, a facial or a nail appointment? They could choose base on their response a different thing get sent.

Okay so this is so powerful when you send anything to anybody through these messages you have the option of sending them to a link like your website or what I highly suggest a page to collect their email address so because you have their information on Facebook and now they are in your inbox it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have their email address.

You can use this technology to then create a relationship with them and move it over to email where then you can create some sort of email responder and put them on your funnel. So you can use a link, you can send them to a video, you can send them to your schedule page, you can send them to your contact form on your website, you can send them to a page on your a website to learn more about that thing, there’s so many options.

If you look at my website, you can click on number one; a box will pop up that starts a beginning of a funnel. So it asks if they want to see a video, if yes, then it’s going to collect their info.

So I was saying, I did Five Different types of Facebook chatbots for the same thing. So that’s not necessarily what I would suggest for a client, I would say be really specific for different pages, on your website if you have page of a certain thing create a bot to start a conversation about that thing right?

But mine are all the same one to see what is working the best, and see what I like using the most, so number one is website, you can put a pop up, or a header, or a widget, so many options. Onto your website that’s going to say “send to messenger” so if you say “something something do you want this free whatever”, “yes I do” send “send to messenger” it’s gonna send them automated message to their Facebook inbox from your business profile. Amazing. So then that’s the one I started with and I think it’s just the smartest to start with if you guys have a website.

So number two is a KEYWORD. If you guys look at the link in number two it opens up a blogpost and I have been able to take that link of that post not a blog post I’m sorry a Facebook post and I have tagged it according to that specific post that if anybody says the keyword, in the comments it sends them a message.

Based on that, there’s a sequence that is also based on keywords and so if I say “do you want this or that?” type yes. And they do. It sends them something specific. If they type something else it’ll send them something different.

So maybe you could say, you can send this to all your clients “were you happy with your service?” Yes? Awesome! “Would like to fill out a review?” I would love that. Or no. “Oh could you tell me more about what you are dissatisfied with.

Number THREE, landing page.

I hope that you guys have your own landing pages where you’re collecting an email. If you don’t, or even if you do and you want to set up a separate page to create this audience, and make a connection with Facebook people, you can create a landing page.

So instead of putting a sidebar, a little widget on your website, it literally will create a landing page for you. Where you can then get that person’s Facebook information and by the way, when somebody clicks “YES” I want this thing, send the message, or whatever, or types in the keyword, it then gives you the opportunity to auto bulk message all of your subscribers.

So when you have a new video, offer, your business has somethings special to talk about, when you have an announcement, or “Merry Christmas” something like that, you can send to everybody’s inbox at one time through your business Facebook messaging using a chatbot.

If you guys have looked already at any of my links, and gotten my follow @ messages, sent to your Facebook inbox, you may have seen this little lady. This is dAnI, she is my new artificially intelligent assistant, I’m pretty excited about her, she is going to make a lot of appearances in everybody’s inbox she may or may not be working out with a stylist and getting some outfits that might be happening, she is my chatbot. She is my little robot, my artificially intelligent mini me.

Number FOUR this one is really cool because I do a lot of things like Twitter, and blog post, where I just want to post one quick hyperlink, you can get a CHAT LINK. If you want to ask somebody if they’d like to talk to you more, if they like to receive something via messenger it will create a little mini chat link that will start a conversation.

The last one that is awesome, that I saw Frank’s first and that is really helpful especially if you’re someone like me who does not check their Facebook page messages, have you guys ever done that? You look back to your Facebook page messages and you’re like holy hell I have like four people try to hire me, what just happened? You know and you’re like crap. Because you get messages from all these different places and it’s hard to be checking all the time when you’re already checking your personal inbox then going to your other one.

The FIFTH one, is auto reply when somebody messages your Facebook page. This is so money. 

So if you guys go to my Facebook page and you click on “I think I’m gonna send her a message” it’ll say something funny I think I have my robot my little assistant say something funny cause I’m me and then it says “do you need help with this this or this?” this is so important for businesses that are very TIMELY as I call it.

A business like me where I am building a funnel it’s going to be weeks in development, or launching a course it’s going to start a couple of weeks or whatever, that’s not timely but with businesses like wedding professionals, when people decide they’re getting married when they first get engaged and they wanna book a venue or at least take a tour they are booking somebody that day.

Attorneys, criminal Attorneys, personal injury Attorneys, somebody who’s on a car accident or they are facing jail time they are talking to someone that day. So then if they find you on Facebook hopefully and have a Facebook page set up that’s active; and they know it exists, and you are in the community and having presence and maybe sending Facebook ads, when they remember you exist, or they are in your email list, and they are now also connected in your Facebook page because hopefully you’ve sent them there too.

They can go to message you and they can be like hey I’m in trouble, or I just got married, or whatever can I find out about these dates or can I hire you or whatever? It will immediately send them a reply, something like oh we are here to help what’s the problem? Is it this this this or this? And then they say this and then the next option that you can have is CALL US. Screw putting a link.

The three options that you can put is an immediate reply no matter what they say. Or a link to something or a phone button. 60-70% of people are on their mobile phones. That’s gonna pop up, that’s going to start ringing them.

If you are that type of business, hairstylist, aestheticians, waxers, when somebody wants to get their eyebrows waxed, they are getting their eyebrows waxed. If somebody realizes they have a date tonight, and they didn’t know that, they are getting their nails done. So they need to have a way of calling immediately and getting a hold of somebody.

So it’s pretty much smaller versions of what your website is designed for but it’s taken those same types of processes and brought it directly into Facebook messenger which is one of the hugest communication methods in the world. I personally think I use my Facebook messages more than texts and more than emails. So now as a business owner, you can be having what are pretty generic and specific conversations with people through this automated system.

So thank you so much for hanging out with me, like I said I’ve been balls deep in the last few days, I will probably have some sort of training maybe a webinar on this in the near future, but if you guys have any more questions feel free to message me directly, and if you don’t want to learn how to do it if you’re not interested I’m sure it will be a free webinar by the way but if you don’t want to do it yourself, like pssssshhhhhh message me and I don’t have that as a service yet but I’m going to so we’ll figure something out.

And for all my funnel clients, that are currently clients, I’m hooking you guys up with your own facebook chatbots. Adding that shit in because it is amazing so if you guys are currently as building your funnels message me and we’ll figure that out.

Thank you guys again you can look at the links for examples of my own. And if you got value from this video please please please give it a like and be sure to share it with your friends and if you haven’t yet visit me at http://danielleford.com/ See you guys later!

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