You know those Apple commercials where the developers and paid actors gush about how wonderful the iPhone is? Spoiler alert: they’re using a green screen! ::gasp::

They’re talking about the latest and greatest features the iPhone126 has and you’re wondering how that wall behind them got so WHITE and so CLEAN. Don’t even lie, I know you were impressed by the epic whiteness. So was I…

Using a green screen for your marketing and YouTube videos humongously ups your “impressiveness factor”.

That’s a thing, Google it. …No don’t Google it, it’s not a thing, but I’m hoping that “impressiveness factor” will catch on and at least make it to Urban Dictionary.

Anyway, Filming and Editing green screen videos is actually super easy and you can learn in 12 minutes.

Here are 2 6-minute videos that will completely teach you how to use a green screen and up your impressiveness factor.

Video #1

Video #2

Here is the lighting that I referenced

green screen lighting
This is the camera that I use

green screen camera
Use a green cloth screen if you don’t want to paint your wall

green screen backdrop

You can find the full list of tools and equipment I use to run my business HERE.

Good luck, green screen grasshopper!

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