Literally everyday someone asks me if we can meet for coffee so I can show them how to get paid online with a business or side income.

I tell them the same thing… even if I could transfer my 8 years of education and experience to them during a 30 minute conversation while sipping lattes, it wouldn’t make any difference because they first need to get clear on a few things…

(If you want to learn how to get paid for what you know, keep reading)

The first steps to do are:

1) Figure out what you’re an expert at (everybody is an expert at something)

2) Determine how you will set yourself apart from others in that industry (even if you’re brand new)

3) Decide which route you will take to create a business or side income (and stay on that route!)
There are limitless opportunities, education and resources available to us nowadays (many for free).
There is no excuse for you to sit on the sidelines and watch other people monetize their talents & passions and win at life.

But hey, if you’re going to choose to sit out of the game, at least don’t whine & cry & bitch & moan when you see other people scoring goals. You could be playing, too.

Listen, the real reason most people choose not to get in the game at all, isn’t that they “don’t know what to do”. It’s because they aren’t confident in themselves as an expert.

I recorded this video to help you figure out where your expertise lies (even if you never went to college, are a stay at home mom, etc) and how you can start getting PAID for that brilliance, while helping other people and leaving your mark on the world.

how to get paid

(PS it’s great content but it’s not a very fancy video. I recorded it after a very long day, and didn’t add all the bells and whistles and didn’t even post it publicly on YouTube.)

If you have any questions or comments, just leave it in the comment box below 🙂

(PPS I always get asked what the best book to learn all this stuff is and it’s “Expert Secrets” and it’s free… if you’re serious about this, grab a copy below.)

expert secrets book