Struggling to make sales?

Beating yourself up because nobody’s hiring you, buying your products or taking you up on your offers?

The worst part is that you know you’re great at what you do, your products are awesome but every time you make sales pitches, you just hear crickets.

Well, turn that frown upside down and watch this video because do I have good news for you.

I’m Danielle Ford, I’m a video and marketing strategist and I’m here to tell you that it is not your fault that your products and services are not selling! It has nothing to do with your skills or your talent.

Unless you suck at what you do, then I can’t help you…

But most likely, the problem is your lead generation and sales process, and that is fixable.

Right now, there are 2 major keys to getting clients and making sales online. Those 2 things are video and sales funnels. And one of those cannot exist well without the other.

Years ago, a sales funnel with long-form strategic copy was enough for businesses to make sales online. And it worked well, it converted but nowadays video is king and anybody who is not using video is going to fall behind.

But just making videos themselves will not make sales, even if it’s great content. They need to be strategically placed correctly inside of a video sales funnel.

Don’t believe me? Here are some real stats to further prove my case.

  • “How to” searches on YouTube go up by 70% year after year.
  • Every single day, Americans watch over 7,000 years of video content on YouTube and 700 years of video content on Facebook.
  • Landing pages with video can increase by 80% or more.
  • 40% of consumers even say that video increases the chance that they will buy a product on a mobile device.

Besides those stats, we all know that video is just the best way to connect with your market on a personal level and become a top influencer in your industry.

So if you’re ready to learn more about what videos your business needs and how to use them in a sales funnel, then check out my free online workshop “Videos that Sell”.

You can register at After you sign up, I’m going to send you this free workbook. I want you to print out and have ready at the workshop.

make sales danielle ford workbook

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We’re gonna use this workbook to plan out your video sales funnel. And at the end of the workshop, I’m going to give you a free awesome ready to go video sales funnel that would cost you about $5,000 to have built for you.

I’m gonna give it to you free and you’re gonna be ready to rock with it.

Yes, you heard that right, you are gonna get hooked up.

Also, don’t let the thought of having to make videos overwhelm you, yes, they take work but they’re easier than you think.

There’s a story I heard a long time ago and I’m probably gonna mess it up but the gist of it is:

There was a man who wanted to learn how to play the saxophone, so he hired a tutor. The tutor came over and said, “Ok we just have to practice 3 days a week and you have to practice in the meantime. And in about 5 years you will be a master saxophone player.”

The guy was not happy. He replied with, “5 years! I don’t wanna wait 5 years!” and the tutor said, “Well, 5 years is gonna pass whether you learn how to play the saxophone or not.”

And while video will not take you 5 years to learn, it’s still the same concept.

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So go register at and we will knock out your video sales funnel together.

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