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Marketing Funnel Pro Tip- Video Transcript

Hey, its Danielle Ford with Danielle Ford.com and in this video we’re gonna talk about marketing funnels and specifically why I think you should half ass your marketing funnel, at least at first.

So here’s the thing with marketing funnels. They’re called a funnel because they never end.

Most of the time you can’t do one thing until you’ve done another thing. You can’t link an image from page a to page b until page b is created. But you don’t know what page b is gonna look like yet and you wanna get the design right before you actually create the image for page a.

Or you don’t have a free offer yet because you don’t know what kind of audience you have and you don’t know what they want. And you don’t have an audience because you don’t have a free offer. It goes around in freaking circles and it is infuriating.

The solution? Half ass it.

Just put up an image on page a, who cares what it is, link it to page b, create page b, don’t worry about what it looks like or if it looks good, just get  it going, get it linking together. If you don’t have an image to use, use anything. Here, heres a picture of Tom Selleck that you can borrow, everybody likes Tom Selleck.

tom selleck pic mustache

Just create a free offer of freaking anything. “Here’s my five favorite jokes”. “Enter your email, I’m gonna send you a surprise.” Create anything. Enter it into your auto responder, create a follow up series, test the process, make sure it works. Just half ass your funnel system.

You’ll wanna do this with everything in your entire funnel system until everything is just flowing effortlessly and that’s when you get a total website and marketing makeover. You dive in to research about your audience. You create beautiful images for you website and you create killer free offers.

You have to remember that a marketing funnel is just a system. And systems work.

The earth is a system. Every single part of the earth needs to function for it to work. And right now its functioning half assed but its working.

Your body is a system. Every single part needs to function. If one part stops functioning, you die.

Our cars are systems. I personally would way rather have a car that has every single part functioning a little bit that can get me from point a to point b than to have a car that has awesome leather seats and awesome tinted windows but has no steering wheel and no brakes.

And your marketing funnel is a system.

So get it all together, get every part functioning at a basic level and later you can worry about leather seats.

Well that’s all for this video. I’ve put together a free training.

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