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How to Monetize YouTube Videos

monetize youtube videos

Learn from my mistakes and monetize youtube videos the right way!

In 2013 I had 4 different YouTube accounts that were all monetized with ads but I only got paid regularly from 2 of them. The 2 that brought money in were really old accounts and they would hit the $100 payment threshold every few months, so I didn’t really look too deep at them.

So I’m in Chicago at the Beyonce & Jay Z “On the Run” tour and I get a notification that I had received a $100 payment from a 3rd account.

And immediately I’m like “WTF?” Not because I wasn’t expecting that payment, but I wasn’t expecting a payment for that 3rd account earlier than a payment for the 4th account.

So now I’m thinking, “Why did I get paid from this YouTube channel that is doing “Meh” when my other YouTube channel is starting to kill it and has about 10x the views, yet I’ve received nothing? I wrote a note to myself to look into it and then continued rocking out to Queen Bey.

Imagine my surprise when a week later, I discover that I should have been paid out over $1000 for the ads on my videos but I didn’t have 1 tiny thing hooked up correctly in my account. I filed a dispute with YouTube and then because of some whack policy, I only got paid on 30% of the earnings I would have automatically received, had I had this in place.

I’m telling you this so that you do not make my mistake as you start or grow your YouTube channel.

I made this new video that shows exactly how to monetize YouTube videos (the right way)

How to Monetize YouTube Videos [Video Transcript]

Here is how to monetize your youtube channel. You don’t have to be a big name YouTuber to start making money with YouTube. In fact, even if it isn’t your goal to become a big YouTube star and make a ton of money with the partner program and you just want to get views of your target market, it’s still a good idea to monetize your videos because YouTube likes when they can make money from your videos and they’re gonna rank you higher.

So keep watching because I’m gonna tell you the first thing you need to do to make sure that you are ready to get paid by YouTube when you do start making money and then I’m gonna walk you through, on my computer where to enable monetization inside of your YouTube video. If you’re not familiar with me yet, be sure to subscribe to the channel because I have lots more good content like this coming.

I’m gonna show you how to monetize YouTube videos but before that, there’s one thing you have to set up first to make sure you can get paid and I’m telling you from experience that I did not have this set up and on another channel of mine, I had a video that made, it probably would’ve made a little bit over a thousand dollars and by the time I realized that this thing wasn’t set up, YouTube (it was this whole thing) but they totally docked me and only gave me about 30% of what they owed me for that video.

So make sure you have this set up ok? Do not do what I did and think that you are fine because it looked like your video was monetized and it’s not. The first thing you want to do is create an adsense account. You just go to Google, you type in “Adsense” and then you create an account.

And this is going to allow you to get paid. If you’re not really familiar with the way YouTube’s partner program works, YouTube takes about 45% of the profits from an advertiser and gives you 55% of that. So the more subscribers you have, the more views you get, the better and more expensive of ads YouTube places on your videos and the more you’re able to get paid from their AdSense program.

So you want to get your Adsense information and you want to put it into your YouTube channel right here. So once you already have that set up, then you’re ready to actually monetize YouTube videos. So you go into your YouTube video and click “edit” and you’re gonna click on this “monetization” and then you’re gonna click on “monetize with ads”.

So then you can choose where you want to allow YouTube to place their ads, at the beginning or the middle or the end, or on the side of your channel. And then you just drive more traffic to your videos. You try to rank them really high so that  more people will see it, so that the money will start adding up and compounding, and then you can get paid from Google.

So that’s it! That is how to monetize YouTube videos.

So now Stop, you go and monetize your YouTube videos, let me know if you did it and put a comment if you have any problems or anything. If you liked this video, give me a thumbs up, make sure you subscribe to the channel, share with your friends. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video.

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