It’s been almost 2 weeks since I got back from Marie Forleos Rich Happy and Hot Live and I’m just now writing about it because the spinning in my head that I got from all the amazing speakers has started to slow down a little.

I am so blessed to have been at an event filled with the women that were also attendees. 250 female entrepreneurs from 17 countries and 34 states, all of whom have on line businesses that serve others. These were all women who are changing the world and I feel honored to have been among them and made some really great friendships and connections with them.

Marie gives out a book to take down your notes, along with pieces of paper to write down your $10,000 ideas that will most likely pop into your head while listening and learning. I definitely got a lot of them, I’ve just been sorting through them to figure out which would be the most world-changing and profitable at the same time so that I can implement that first. So now I have another project starting that I’m very excited about and will be announcing in the near future. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s hard for me to even put into words how positively impacting this event was, at the end of each 11-hour day, my head was so full, I could barely make a complete sentence.. I was the epitome of mental exhaustion. I gained so much knowledge and inspiration from everyone there and I wanted to share the speakers again and recommend that everyone check them out because they are all world-changing in their own ways..

First and Foremost, Marie Forleo
She’s pretty much a female version of Tony Robbins who also teaches Business and Marketing to Females. She has the almost magical ability to bring the right people together. She’s fantastic. Check out her site and get on her list to receive weekly videos of MarieTV.

Josh Pais
Josh is Marie’s other half and also the creator of Committed Impulse, a program that was designed for actors but can be applied to anyone, especially public speakers to get over any fear they have and bring their natural personalities and gifts to the stage. I felt so energized and ready to take on the world after taking his class. Josh’s background is acting and he’s been in over 80 movies and TV appearances but his cool meter sky-rocketed when I found out he’s Rafael in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. Freaking sick, right? I almost wore my ninja turtles shirt to class but I didn’t want all the other girls there to be jealousssss. ๐Ÿ™‚

Kris Carr
Kris is the New York Time’s best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Diet. Her film, Crazy Sexy Cancer, aired on Oprah’s new network, OWN, while we were there in class and was narrated by Oprah herself. Her story of curing her own cancer through juicing is unbelievably amazing and can be found on her blog

Julie Cottineau
Julie has worked as Richard Branson’s VP of brand for the Virgin empire and is the creator of She has an uncanny ability to look deeper into the psychology of the consumer and deliver a brand based on things the consumer doesn’t even know they’re really looking for.

Danielle LaPorte
I had never heard of Danielle before and it was kinda funny when I realized a few people thought I was her after I told them my name. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is like a spiritual rockstar and her goodness comes through while she speaks, her style of speaking to me was similar to a spoken poetry. She is the creator of The Fire Starter sessions and her awesome site

Ramit Sethi
Ramit was one of my favorite speakers because I just loved his no-bullshit, give-the-facts-to-you-straight, style of speaking. His method of targeting specific customers instead of just sending your message out to everyone was exactly what I needed to hear. Marie joked that he was our Indian boyfriend.. ha ha.. but really.. I would make him my Indian boyfriend. And I would make him waffles or pancakes every single morning, his choice. His site is

Russell Simmons
Russell is one of the richest people in the hip hop industry, he’s a serial entrepreneur and serious philanthropist. He gave everyone a copy of his latest book, Super Rich, which is pretty much a trojan horse in that it’s actually a book about being Super Rich through the acts of giving and spirituality. He spoke a lot about Occupy Wall Street, which was awesome for me because I’m very passionate about the movement and it was nice to see someone with a buttload of money being on the same side of the protestors which proves my point that I try to tell people that it’s not a rich vs. poor issue.

Laura Roeder
Laura has always been a great resource for Facebook and Twitter information from her site Her new program Creating Fame is about getting famous on line in your particular industry. She is a cutie-petutie and comes off very authentic on stage.

Simon Sinek
Simon was my favorite speaker. His mission is to inspire others and that he did. I might have been a little biased because I was already obsessed with his amazing talk but I was literally moved to tears when he got finished. His message is for organizations to Start with Why and I’m almost done with the book he gave out with the same title. It’s amazing and totally breaks down the way the brain works, how to put your intuition into language, and the importance of the Why, How and What of every organization. I’m sold on him and will be doing a review of his book here shortly.

Derek Halpern
Derek is the creator of which is his site explaining the little things that persuade people to buy products or ideas. His insights on the psychology of why people do things is fundamental for any company to understand before they launch anything.

Regina Thomashauer
AKA “Mama Gena” is a best selling author and founder of the School of Womanly Arts. She has an incredible stage presence (she was carried in by 2 dashing men and then made out with both) and the ability to connect with each person in the audience. I especially love her philosophy of “Partying with your Inner Bitch” cause God knows even the nicest girls have one of those.

Again, I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to have been part of such an amazing event, educated by the most brilliant speakers I’ve ever witnessed and connected with 250 beautiful and smart entrepreneurial women. Marie Forleos Rich Happy and Hot Live kicked major @$$ and I can’t wait to go again next year!!


Marie Forleos Rich Happy and Hot Live