People of Walmart Birthday Party How-To

Greetings!! I would like to share with you how I celebrated my birthday this year- At Walmart, trying to get on People of Walmart .com. Yes, it’s possible and this is how…

– Invite 20 of your closest friends to your “Walmart Birthday Party“. Expect 5 to show.

People of Walmart

Our “People of Walmart” Group

-Dress in unflattering and embarrassing attire.

People of Walmart

Becca is a person of Walmart for sure

People of Walmart- Underwear wearer

Linda trying on the underwear at Walmart

-Make friends with the greeters!

Danielle with Walmart greeter

I love Walmart because I always feel so welcome.

-Take as close to realistic candid photos of each other in awkward poses as possible.

Crazy Walmart country girl

Regina sure loves her vegetables

Perla taking a cat nap in the aisle

Walmart is great because thy won’t bother you if you take a quick nap

-Make other patrons feel super uncomfortable.

Walmart lady shopping with daughter

Crazy pajama lady shopping with her daughter

Pregnant lady drunk at Walmart

Rebecca was drinking for 2 that night

YOUR GOAL? To get on People of

If you manage to legitimately get on the site, then your birthday party was a success.



**If you don’t know what is yet you’re missing out. Visit to laugh your butt off!


**The rest of the pics can be viewed here- My Walmart Birthday Party.

**Please comment which pics are your favorite, I will be submitting the winning picture to**

Thanks 🙂

People of Walmart -Birthday Party