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People of Walmart -Birthday Party

People of Walmart Birthday Party How-To

Greetings!! I would like to share with you how I celebrated my birthday this year- At Walmart, trying to get on People of Walmart .com. Yes, it’s possible and this is how…

– Invite 20 of your closest friends to your “Walmart Birthday Party“. Expect 5 to show.

Our “People of Walmart” Group

-Dress in unflattering and embarrassing attire.

Becca is a person of Walmart for sure

Linda trying on the underwear at Walmart

-Make friends with the greeters!

I love Walmart because I always feel so welcome.

-Take as close to realistic candid photos of each other in awkward poses as possible.

Regina sure loves her vegetables

Walmart is great because thy won’t bother you if you take a quick nap

-Make other patrons feel super uncomfortable.

Crazy pajama lady shopping with her daughter

Rebecca was drinking for 2 that night

YOUR GOAL? To get on People of

If you manage to legitimately get on the site, then your birthday party was a success.



**If you don’t know what is yet you’re missing out. Visit to laugh your butt off!


**The rest of the pics can be viewed here- My Walmart Birthday Party.

**Please comment which pics are your favorite, I will be submitting the winning picture to**

Thanks 🙂

People of Walmart -Birthday Party

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