So, I’ve been noticing lately that the amount of people who are actually initiating things in the world seem to be very few in comparison to the people who just bitch and moan about everything that’s wrong without ever offering a new idea or offering to help the people who are trying to create change.

I think I’ve narrowed people down pretty well to 4 general categories below..

1) People who do alot of things but really don’t care about anything important and don’t initiate new ideas.

These are your busy-bodies, socialites, average Joes.. They are active and involved in society, know lots of people, hang out in certain social circles. But they don’t have the drive to push things forward and they don’t do much except for just keep up with their lives and stay within the status quo.

2) People who care a whole lot and most are vocal and spread problems around but don’t take action to create anything new or fix anything that’s wrong.

These are your typical town criers. They are more than ready to tell you every single thought that pops into their head related to certain topics that they feel very strongly about. However, these people never take any action so their constant distribution of negativity is really not doing anything to help their cause, it is, in fact, making it worse.

3) People who don’t care and don’t do anything.

This is the most annoying of all 4 types. Another term for these folks would be “Bottom Feeders”. They don’t care about much of anything, are happy to do the most minimal amount of work to get by, preferably none at all, don’t give anything back to society.. they pretty much just survive.

4) People who do care about something, vocalize it, and take action on it.

These are the only ones who drive innovation and change things and these are the ones who are criticized the most. Particularly by group #1 (because they’re breaking the status quo) and by group #2 (because they will find something negative in pretty much any situation to yelp about).

So there you have it! The different types of people, generalized into 4 categories according to me.

I think that the amount of people in each category are roughly the same. The problem is that the 4th group are the only ones getting sh*t done and creating things, it’s not easy with all 3 other groups either criticizing them or just acting as dead weight. And while 75% of people criticize them and try to pull them back to mediocrity, it’s very important for that 25% TO NOT STOP. It’s important for that 25% to make themselves available and connect with others in the same 25% because sometimes we can feel very outnumbered, alone, and a little crazy.

Thoughts? Lemme know in the comments…