Last month, I had the privilege of sharing my talk “The value of Beauty” at an incredible event where myself and 7 other Las Vegas woman speakers took the stage to share the message of “I am Enough!”

Initially, I was going to construct a speech around young moms, similar to the TEDxWomen talk I gave last year.

For some reason though, it was really weighing on my heart to give a speech around a different topic. One that when I really thought about why “I am enough” seemed like a really important message to share and something that almost every other woman could relate to in some way or another.

the value of beauty las vegas speakers

I had a lot of resistance to giving this speech. The idea of people thinking that I’m shallow because I’m talking about “The Value of Beauty“. I had some feelings of shame come up when imagining speaking about how I used my looks to get through a large part of my life. I thought “What if people think I’m a bitch when I admit that I happily “used” men to get what I wanted?”

Thankfully, I know that when you feel resistance to doing something, it’s your intuition’s way of saying that it has to be done.

After sucking it up and getting through this personal talk, I had a ton of encouragement and other women thanking me for sharing so vulnerably and for saying something that had to be said, that a lot of other women would be scared to admit.

Please watch my talk about the value of beauty below. I would love some feedback in the comments if you can relate to this topic at all 🙂

The Value of Beauty [Video]