Admit It: you’ve been wanting to make a video for months.

But every time you have an afternoon to do it, the schedule fills up with, well…  anything that gets you off the hook.
And that’s tragic. Not making videos keeps you from making the impact & the money you’re meant to make. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed and tech lingo makes you feel all yucky and inadequate. Maybe you still have nightmares from the last video course that ate away hours of precious time!

Well, that’s exactly why i’ve created this course.

Video in a day

is a lingo-free zone, gets you up and running within hours and helps you create a video that makes you shine with pride. In fact, you’ll only need…

  • A computer (and know how to use it)
  • A smart phone or video camera (or borrow one!)
  • The willingness to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Be ready to put yourself “out there”
  • Believe your message is worth sharing

Here’s the simple truth

You have too much to give, teach and share to miss out on this opportunity.

Your audience is waiting for you.

Will You show up?

Video in a day comes in 6 modules

with bite-sized lessons


Getting Camera Confident

How to calm your nerves, be confident and deliver your message like a pro.

  • • Learn my strategies to fake it till ya make it (confidence, that is)
  • • Master your Mindset before pressing “Record”
  • • Discover my secret technique that I use to record full videos with memorizing ANYTHING

Writing Scripts that Work

My winning formula for YouTube and website videos that engage and convert.

  • • The #1 video your website MUST HAVE
  • • Learn the blueprint for a YouTube video that captivates your viewer until the end
  • • Double your Sales Conversions by using this Script

Techy stuff for dummies

Lighting, cameras, audio, backgrounds, outdoor filming and my equipment short list.

  • • Discover your camera options and what’s best for you to start with
  • • Learn lighting techniques to make you- and your video- appear flawless
  • • Get your voice and message heard by capturing clear audio

Editing in IMovie

How to turn raw footage into professional video, using a free App.

  • • Cut out the “Ummms” and extra footage by trimming & re-ordering clips
  • • Make your video extra interesting by adding text, graphics and sound
  • • Add easy enhancements to WOW your viewers
  • • Learn how to save, export and upload your finished masterpiece

Video Marketing

How to get your video in front of your ideal clients using Social Media

  • • How to place Targeted Keywords into YouTube for Quick Ranking
  • • Learn 2 ways to promote your videos on Facebook
  • • Tap into Twitter Traffic by uploading directly into your Timeline
  • • Find out how to Pre-schedule your video on Instagram

Smart Phone Videos

Make professional videos with equipment you already have

  • • Turn your phone into a high definition camera in minutes
  • • Up-level your professionalism with extra equipment made specifically for your smartphone
  • • See a huge difference in video quality by using one little, but powerful, editing app
  • • Demonstrations of my favorite apps for quick social media videos

Outsourcing Secrets

Score my list of reliable video editors.


Behind the scenes.

Watch me film and edit my own videos.


No Black Bars

How to repurpose vertical videos and turn them into beautiful, branded videos using iMovie

Sign up now, and tomorrow around this time you’ll…

  • Impress the pants off of your ideal customer
  • Turn eyeballs into leads & sales
  • Stand out online
  • Have stunning content to share across platforms & blogs

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