Is your YouTube channel going through a near death experience? Then it’s high time for…

YOUTUBE’S ANATOMY ’Cause 1000 views a day, keeps the Doctor away!

The ultimate YouTube channel courseto grow your influence & boost your profits!

Youtube’s Anatomy

What if, instead of needing CPR, your channel had thousands of views, likes and shares? What would it feel like to see attention turn into profit? You could scale your biz and stop worrying about your occasional urge to splurge – wouldn’t that be priceless?

This online course will turn you from well-intentioned quack to YouTube insider STAT! – so you can use this fantastic business growing tool to the max.

YouTube’s Anatomy will enable you to…

  • Move from underrated to top rated
  • Turn your messy channel into an organized library of content
  • Use Ninja tricks to bypass the competition
  • Get thousands of views – even if you’ve just hit “upload”
  • Turn attention into profit using hidden keywords

So without further delay… put on your PJ’s, snuggle up with your computer and hit “play all”. Let’s have a look and see what’s included!




YouTube’s Anatomy is split into 8 episodes, each featuring a critical condition.
Gone untreated, these conditions could send your YouTube channel to the eternal care unit (the morgue) in no time.

All content is delivered to you in your inbox & is binge-watchable as soon as you slap that buy button. Here’s what you’ll get:


Rather have a colon cleanse than do yet another ideal customer exercise? You’re in the right place!

This initial diagnosis skips the boring bits & focusses on how your potential customer is behaving when using YouTube. You’ll run some tests and examine your potential client’s frustrations & dreams. That way you’ll know EXACTLY what she’s plugging into the YouTube search engine and won’t waste your time getting it “almost right”.

By the end of this bonus, you’ll have…

  • • An ideal client framework that turns your YouTube channel into a profit generating machine – using the …… PDF
  • • Created a year’s worth of YouTube content with the YouTube Mind Map
  • • Visualized & pre-designed your future YouTube channel – using the Visual Creator fill-out-able PDF
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Getting your keywords wrong


    Did you know you might be missing out on thousands of views, simply because you’re not nailing what your ideal customer is looking for? You only have to be one word off and your YouTube channel will be screaming for a Band-Aid instead of making you money. The answer? Keyword Research!

    In this episode, you’ll get the breakdown to nailing your Keywords, so that your videos get the views they deserve. We’ll cover…

  • • Discovering exactly what keywords are & why they’re crucial to your online visibility
  • • How to use Google’s keyword planner to find phrases your ideal clients are searching for
  • • Filling your Keyword Bank PDF with phrases that simply ooze MONEY
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Wasting your life away posting a video


    Think that YouTube is a time sucker? Then this time-saving & automation episode is the cure for you! You can save yourself an hour of work with every video you make by doing some behind the scenes doctoring-up. We’ll talk titles, tags & descriptions. I’ll also share my formula to get your video a top spot by sprinkling the right keywords throughout your copy.

    Discovering features other business owners continually forget or don’t even know exist! Your prescription reads…

  • • A click-by-click tutorial making sure you leave NO crucial boxes unchecked in the account settings (to avoid nasty surprises down the line)
  • • Enabling monetization to unlock extra features & get paid by YouTube ads
  • • Edit your public channel page to reflect your brand, link to your social media profiles & convert your viewers to leads
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Sucky first impression syndrome


    A spot-on YouTube Channel Trailer inspires people to watch, generates excitement and gives your channel an instant professional look & feel. But here’s the thing…

    You only have seconds to make a stellar first impression and convince viewers to subscribe!

    Are your viewers clicking away in confusion? Does your trailer video have the sex appeal of support hose?

    We’re going to remedy that! Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • • Why your trailer is THE MOST important video and what sets it apart from every other video
  • • Choosing one of my proven video trailer templates you can easily edit to match your content & brand
  • • How to add your fabulous new channel trailer – following my step-by-step process
  • I’ll also share with you the ONE thing that turns your trailer into an instant conversion booster!

    CRITICAL CONDITION: Showing the world your private parts (oops!)


    Ending up at the hospital with the wrong undies?
    Your secret, supply-room romance has come out?

    Big boo-boo’s come in all shapes & sizes. But if you’re anything like me, you avoid those moments like… herpes. In this episode I’ll show you how to avert unnecessary embarrassment. Here’s how:

    You’ll learn the different settings for uploading your videos (public, unlisted and private). This allows you to keep certain videos just for you & paying clients. With your settings in order it’ll be so much easier to keep your channel a beautifully organized library of content instead of a thrown together bunch of everything.

    Never post something publicly that should’ve stayed private & keep your image as squeaky clean as a pair of new rubber gloves!

    Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • • How to upload public, unlisted & private videos
  • • How to craft captivating titles that convert
  • • My SEO Formula to plug in your keywords & tags correctly to get your video top ranking
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Being click-awayable


    Not gaining any traction with your videos? The Doctor is in!

    In this episode, I’ll show you how to visually attract your ideal customer, using custom Thumbnails & video graphics that beg to be clicked on. By choosing the right fonts, borders, etc., you can ensure you don’t lose potential clients to your competition in the click-here-no-here-no-here cacophony we call YouTube. Here’s what we’ll cover…

  • • How to use psychology to stop your viewer from scrolling and watch your video
  • • 3 ways to create video thumbnails without any design experience
  • • How to use this trick to turn your custom thumbnail into an SEO booster
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Messing with settings


    Did you know that there’s a YouTube setting that enables you to direct traffic exactly where you want it to go – whether that’s your website, a sales page or the next video?

    But in order for you to get the most out of YouTube, you have to quit the intern attitude, throw on your surgical mask and dive into YouTube’s brain!

    Can’t wait to climb into the driver’s seat & take full control of your channel?

    Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode on the inner workings & extra tools YouTube has to offer. We’ll cover…

  • • How to drive traffic directly to your website with YouTube cards
  • • How to use annotations to create clickable images and links to get more views and subscribers
  • • How adding captions can drive engagement
  • • My personal best practices to transcribe your videos for an SEO boost
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: Invisibility


    You don’t want the videos you’ve sweated over for hours to end up in places your viewers don’t see them. And it’s easy to go wrong, with YouTube offering 3 different places to create your playlists!

    In this episode, I’ll help you make sure you get your playlists organized in a way that drives traffic to your website. Making you the #1 resource in your niche. You’ll…

  • • Decide on the best SEO-friendly playlist titles for your channel
  • • Follow the steps to add new playlists and optimize them to convert viewers to leads
  • • Learn how to add new videos into specific playlists automatically
  • CRITICAL CONDITION: No circulation


    Become a Google-bestie by spreading yourself all over the internet, using my advanced SEO ninja strategies. I’ll show you how you can hijack your way to the top by “stealing” people’s viewers, without getting caught or crossing any legal boundaries.

    In this episode, I’ll help you get recognized by search engines as viral content (google loves that!) sending you straight to top of not only YouTube, but also “The Google”. Here’s what’s included…

  • • Free ninja tools to find popular videos in your industry and hijack their traffic
  • • Learn what back linking is and how to use it to rank your videos
  • Warning

    YouTube’s Anatomy side effects may include:

    Gaining massive influence
    Changing people’s lives
    Profits that go through the roof
    A sore butt, an empty stomach & bloodshot eyes


    Besides 8 episodes to solve your critical conditions, you’ll also get no less than 4 bonuses. No “making of” & corny bloopers, but extras specifically created to help you get the most out of YouTube. Apart from the prep-bonus “The Potential Client Diagnosis”, you’ll get instant access to…

    5 Quickies to Rank your Videos Faster

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    18 Ways to get YouTube subscribers you hadn’t thought of

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    YouTube’s Anatomy Video Planner

    Suffering from Video Constipation? Can’t squeeze one out on a regular basis? With this planner you’ll save time & stay regular. If you’ve promised yourself and your viewers to show up every week, YOU WILL. Even if it’s Christmas and you decide to binge watch all of Grey’s Anatomy… again.

    Excited to use your YouTube Channel to reach thousands & make millions?

    Then hit that buy button now & give your channel a clean bill of health!


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